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Watches are Rolex Day-Date Replica attractive for many reasons. It could be the name on the Rolex Day-Date Replica dial. Others will focus on the mechanics and beauty of the finishing. One thing that may unify all watches is the Rolex Day-Date Replica beauty and elegance of the design. This is regardless how beautiful or delicate the finishing. The Frederique Constant Manufacture Slimline Moonphase will give you both Rolex Day-Date Replica elegance and beauty, particularly in the blue edition. It also offers the beauty of mechanics at a very affordable price. A modern, elegant watch.Frederique Constant Manufacture Slimline Moonphase has been a top-seller. It is a wonderful blend of elegance and modernity. It combines codes from traditional watchmaking with Rolex Day-Date Replica those of dress watches. However, it also incorporates contemporary elements such as its size or color. Because of its overall shapes and proportions, it is traditional. The case is round and smooth, with nice curves. The casebands touch the caseback and create a feeling of thinness. It does not feel smaller. Its elegant, discreet design reminds us of classic dress watches. This makes it feel reassuring.Rolex Day-Date Replica

A nice design is Rolex Replica Watches more than just the shapes. It is also (and probably Rolex Day-Date Replica mostly) about proportions. Watches with a diameter of less than 38mm are often elegant. In all honesty, I am a strong advocate of watches with small diameters on both sports and dress watches. The case of the Frederique Constant Manufacture Rolex Day-Date Replica Slimline Moonphase measures 42mm. This is not a small watch. You might expect me to scream. It's not true. It works in this case. The proportions of each component (case diameter, thickness, length of lugs, thickness, thickness of case, width and length, thickness of strap, size of crown, width of strap, etc.) are elegant and cohesive with the rest. It looks modern and Rolex Day-Date Replica contemporary, but doesn't feel bulky.Next, we have the display. Don't expect revolutions here. Frederique Constant's Manufacture Slimline Moonphase is a well-known partition. Although the dial displays the hours and minutes on its central axis, it is not possible to see a second hand on this watch, which is rare enough Rolex Day-Date Replica these days. It is surprising at first that this display disappears quickly. It then has a subdial at 6 with a circled moon-phase indicating the date. This is a traditional detail that we have seen many times. The metallic circle that surrounds the moonphase is a small, but clearly visible detail.Rolex Day-Date Replica

This display is Rolex Replica not only reassuring to new-comers but also has great Rolex Day-Date Replica proportions. It's placed according to the watch's size, so it's almost at the edge of the dial. It's elegant, discreet, and balanced. The hands are long and thin with a subtle leaf shape. They also have a polished silver finish that matches the dial Rolex Day-Date Replica and the applied indexes.An alligator leather strap is used to secure the watch to the wrist. It matches the dial in the same blue and has silver stitching. It is often overlooked, but it really compliments the look. The pin-buckle is made of stainless steel.Rolex Day-Date Replica

The watch's Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches style and shape are important, but so is the color. Rolex Day-Date Replica Although black and silvery-white are still popular choices, manufacturers have been using blue extensively for a while - with different degrees of success. Blue is not as neutral or simple as white or black. You must weigh the intensity of the hue. It will look Rolex Day-Date Replica boring if it is too dark or too light. Too bright will make the watch look sloppy and uninspiring. A plain dial is usually too neutral. The Frederique Constant Manufacturing Slimline Moonphase offers a good balance. It is discreetly brushed with the sun-ray pattern. This means that light will change from night to Rolex Day-Date Replica sapphire, and it will react with this. It is then domed to create an interesting surface. It doesn't shout blue and can be worn with a suit or tie, or even with jeans.Rolex Day-Date Replica

Rolex Day-Date Replica