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We tend to Rolex Replica Watches concentrate on the SIHH in January, and the massive Rolex Replica Watches Baselworld in March as watch journalists. These two events are the most important events of the year, and even though they are open to the public in part, they remain strictly Rolex Replica Watches professional events for photographers, retailers, journalists, and others like us. If you are a collector, or passionate about watches, there won't be much to see. There are smaller, but still very interesting events all over the globe. For those living in Benelux Rolex Replica Watches and North of France, Passion for Watches will host its 2016 edition, which will be held from November 18th to November 20th 2016.We mentioned that major events like Baselworld and the SIHH offer significant novelty, but they are not designed for final clients. It won't be possible to visit all booths or touch and feel Rolex Replica Watches the products. Watch brands know that you want to spend some time with your brand's latest products, to share information, and to explore the luxury world of watchmaking. There are smaller events that can be organized for this purpose, and one of them will soon take place in Brussels. Passion for Watches is an Rolex Replica Watches opportunity to discover and re-discover the best brands in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, or the Netherlands.Rolex Replica Watches

You'll first be able see all the new innovations introduced at SIHH and Rolex Replica Watches Baselworld. It's also a chance to touch and see watches that are dream machines for many of us (think Lange or Breguet). Some brands will also display watchmakers and "metiers-d'art", which is something you won't be able to see unless you visit a Rolex Replica Watches manufacturer. There will be masterclasses in watchmaking and ateliers. Two special expositions, one to celebrate the 225th anniversary Girard-Perregaux's birth and one featuring Rolex Replica Watches Museum watches from IWC will also be on display.Passion for Watches will feature close to 30 brands, including classic watches from Montblanc and Jaeger-Lecoultre, as well as sports-oriented brands such Tudor or Oris. Finally, there will be some haute-horlogerie brands such Lange, Breguet or Vacheron Constantin.Rolex Replica Watches There are many options for every budget and all types of collectors.Rolex Replica Watches

This is Rolex Replica great news for Polish readers and those who live close enough Rolex Replica Watches to travel to Poland! We know that you are there, Poland watch enthusiasts. We have an announcement for you. We heard about the third edition in Poland of the watch festival Rolex Replica Watches through the watch grapevine. It's not just another gathering of salesmen. It'll be a pleasant gathering with many watch lovers and some of the best independent brands.AuroChronos is the name of the festival and will take place at Expo-Lodz Lodz on October 5th and 6th. This event has been taking place for three years and Rolex Replica Watches continues to grow each year. The festival's goal is to spread the love of fine and independent watchmaking. The event will feature local producers as well as independent brands from all over the globe. The festival will allow attendees to learn more about the development and origins of extraordinary watches as well as their creators.Rolex Replica Watches

Kalle Slaap Rolex Replica Watches, a watchmaking teacher and jury member, adds: "A well Rolex Replica Watches organized exposition of very promising Microbrands. Here's your chance to discover the future of horology!Michiel Holthinrichs, a Dutch watchmaker, said that Rolex Replica Watches "Aurochronos is a unique atmosphere due to its surprising locale, passionate organizers, and dedicated independent watchmakers." This festival is a great alternative to the more upscale, pretentious and declining events.This festival has an interesting Rolex Replica Watches aspect: it is actually set up with an ideological purpose. They see their motivations as an antidote for the large, commercial watch trade fairs. They write that the wristwatch industry has been dominated for many years by large capitalist groups. We Rolex Replica Watches respect these brands and are proud of their achievements. However, we understand that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, it is almost impossible to provide universal solutions for all consumers on a large scale.Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Replica Watches