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Together Swiss Bell & Ross Replica with Zurab (Swiss Watches), we began the day in a yellow Swiss Bell & Ross Replica 718 Cayman. As we had to navigate from Milan to the highway and didn't see any nice mountain roads until Swiss Bell & Ross Replica lunchtime, the Cayman was an excellent car to begin the day. The 718 Boxster is an excellent ride (!!) It is a great car to drive, and it handles well on both the highway and on Swiss Bell & Ross Replica curvier roads in rural areas. It almost felt normal when driving through the traffic jams of Milan or on the highway. There's definitely more power than the car needs, but it feels so... soft.After lunch, Daniel (MagicFox), who had driven a 911 Targa Swiss Bell & Ross Replica 4S 911 Targa 4S throughout the morning, offered me the driver's chair for the afternoon. It was also time to go on mountain roads! We enjoyed the turbo lag by going uphill on narrow mountain roads with many hairpins and long tunnels. Swiss Bell & Ross Replica Although the 911 and its 4S have more power than the Cayman it is still very easy to drive. Although you feel like you are driving a thoroughbred sportscar, the 911, especially the 4S, is very comfortable and easy to drive. Like the 718 Cayman it is a great daily car that can handle almost any situation.Swiss Bell & Ross Replica

It was an amazing day. We had lots of fun, and I even got to be an Swiss Bell & Ross Replica "Instagram Influencer". We can all agree that I am 47 years old and I enjoy driving more than I should.Thank you to Porsche Design for creating a memorable experience. You can find out more about the Porsche Driving Experience here. It is Swiss Bell & Ross Replica possible to want to purchase a 911, but I warn you!Porsche and Porsche-Design invited my to their Winter Event in Zell am See (Austria). Even though it was right after the SIHH (from Swiss Bell & Ross Replica 18-20 January), I couldn't resist the invitation when I saw the program! The historic birthplace of Porsche, Zell am See, is where the design studio of this Austrian village is located. It is situated in the middle of Austria's Alps. The revived Ice Swiss Bell & Ross Replica Race was held in Zell am See. I had the opportunity to test the Porsche Design 911 Timeless Machine Limited Edition, which I also covered. I was also confronted by another mechanical machine, also known as the 'Timeless Machine'. Here's Swiss Bell & Ross Replica my report from the Porsche Winter Event. This includes driving the Porsche 992 and the Porsche Design 911 Timeless Machine Limited Edition.Swiss Bell & Ross Replica

MONOCHROME Bell & Ross Replica was founded to share my passion for mechanics. Swiss Bell & Ross Replica This passion hasn't changed in the 12+ years that I have been MONOCHROME. However, I must say that I am now more passionate about sports cars than ever. That passion grew Swiss Bell & Ross Replica beyond my wildest dreams when I purchased a car, a 997.1 C2S with manual gearbox. I am now a happy camper with my 911, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to drive the new 992. This was made even more enjoyable by the Porsche Design 911 Timeless Machine on my wrist.Swiss Bell & Ross Replica

The watch Bell & Ross Replica Watches. I won't go into too many details about the 911 Timeless Swiss Bell & Ross Replica Machine as Erik covered that when it was first introduced. Based on the Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer, the new 911 Timeless Machine was created. The design is designed to be wearable, legible and easy to use.The rubber strap or titanium Swiss Bell & Ross Replica bracelet are extremely comfortable and ensure that the watch fits snugly on the wrist. The rubber bracelet and Swiss Bell & Ross Replica titanium bracelet on the 911 Timeless Machine have been replaced by leather. It looks great and feels good on your wrist. The idea of having the same leather around your wrist that was used for the 992's steering wheels or seats is also very cool.Swiss Bell & Ross Replica

Swiss Bell & Ross Replica